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Niobium transforms materials.

Materials that are shaping urban environments to #BuildTheFuture

Why use Niobium?

Niobium helps solve complex engineering challenges cost effectively and makes modern projects more efficient. Smarter materials lead to design freedom and lower consumption, a winning solution for the construction industry.

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Upgrade with Niobium and reach new heights

In the pursuit of a more sustainable world, steel structures have proven to be a valuable ally of architects, engineers and contractors by delivering multiple benefits, not only to projects, but to society as a whole.


The advantages of building with structural steels include lowered projects costs, increased aesthetic appeal, reliability and predictability.
From a sustainability perspective, combining steel with advanced materials technology can achieve even new heights, and that’s where Niobium technology can have a big impact.

When added to steel, Niobium enhances its properties like strength, toughness and formability, which can help make your project more sustainable and efficient by reducing carbon footprint and contributing with the dematerialization in the construction industry. End products are safer and slim, and designers have more freedom to dream while using less material. The bottom line is shortened construction time, less waste and lowered associated costs.

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Optimized alloy design with Niobium

Using the alloy design concept can bring several benefits to steelmakers and helps make safer steel products due to a homogenous steel structure in the cross-section.

Optimizing the alloy design concept with advanced microalloying elements can boost these benefits.

Niobium not only helps increase mechanical properties of the steel, but also to achieve gains in productivity, while reducing production costs.

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