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Thermomechanical controlled processing (TMCP) delivering the advantages of niobium technology

The objective of this short document is to provide the reader with essential information about the basic metallurgical principles of thermomechanical controlled processing (TMCP) and its application in the production of plate and strip for the manufacture of high strength linepipe.

The unique importance of niobium in the history of the development of such steels is thoroughly explained and the way in which lower carbon steelmaking has now opened the door to the more effective utilization of higher levels of niobium in high temperature processed (HTP) linepipe steels is also set out. Although the principles and concepts presented in this document are described in the context of the manufacture of linepipe steels, they are, with minor modifications, also applicable in the manufacture of steels for other uses, for example, structural and shipbuilding.
TMCP - Delivering the advantages of Niobium technology (PDF 2,02 MB)